Monday, August 3, 2015

Crystal Springs Resort & Spa -

It's amazing how I can have a home with virtually all the amenities... pool, bbq, deck... almost spa like atmosphere.. and yet I have to leave my home in order to destress...
It's almost not worth having a home with the amenities if you are going to be stressed being in it.
I guess its because there is just so much to do at home that just to sit on the couch and actually relax is not possible.
Especially with a 2 year old who needs all the attention in the world, if you're not going to have the TV as a babysitter.  But I do have days when I really really want to turn on the television and just give in.  It's just so much easier than drumming up the energy to keep my little girl entertained.

But Alas, we did finally go on a weekend getaway to Crystal Springs Resort in Vernon, NJ.
It was simply AMAZING!  We loved being there and we enjoyed every moment.  I really do want to go back there.  Its the perfect getaway that isn't too far from home, and yet, not so close that you can come back home.

We really needed it and we came back refreshed... to start the work life all over again.

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