Thursday, July 28, 2016

The Stink Eye!

Yes, it finally happened.  My daughter, my 3 year old daughter gave me the stink eye.  I never thought I would experience it.  I try so hard to be the "perfect" mom.  Sensitive, Disciplined, Funny, Goofy, Patient, Loving... you name it, and I try to be it.

But, kids will be kids, no matter how hard you try to be your very best.  You can give them the moon, and kids can still have an attitude.

I only asked her what she wanted for breakfast, and I got no response, just the stink eye.  

Of course, I handled it, like any parent  would, in my family.
To make a long story short, she'll never do it again, ever.  She got more than a time out.

Kids are always pushing their boundaries, but it is up to us to set those boundaries.  I think that if we tolerate a look, even once, then its opening up other avenues of becoming mean and obnoxious individuals.  I think its important to correct kids.  Its more for them in the future.  By creating boundaries, you are teaching children how to not only respect you, but you are teaching them how to behave socially in the world.

Mean, sly, obnoxious looks will never get you anywhere in the world.  But a kind word and a smile will do wonders.  I always try and reward her kindness, and punish her mean streaks.

Yet, in today's society, its almost a good thing to be a little mean, and to have a bit of a mean streak. Kids are scary these days, with bullying becoming rampant in schools.

My Motto:
Bring up nice assertive kids, with a strong family that will ground them and form the foundation of who they are and who they will become in the world.  

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